Miss Anne Thrope
most people are either stupid or self-centred…
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here is the sign of the young idiot. the haircut designating the sheep-like male-twerp with tickets on the self. made even more popular through being sported by their dumb-cluck hero who can hit a ball, not the right note. out in a restaurant today, many of the tabled crowd sporting this look, seated next to […]

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caz tree

In May 1941, Cazneaux wrote: “This giant gum tree stands in solitary grandeur on a lonely plateau in the arid Flinders Ranges, South Australia, where it has grown up from a sapling through the years and long before the shade from its giant limbs ever gave shelter from the heat to white man. The passing […]

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The idea that education needs to be ‘funded’, or needs to ‘break even’ like a business, or a commercial activity, is disgusting in the extreme for anyone who actually values _learning_. So you might have more students which attracts more government funding, but you will not therefore get better teaching. In fact, given the pressures […]

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The link to and vid of one of my favourite documentaries – focussing on the history of the 20th century as a time in which democracy and capitalism formed an unholy alliance via the auspices of propaganda, aka public relations – may not still be there in its entirety. The link was to the first […]

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There are no good words for the things I like. On the other hand, there are plenty of ways for describing and criticising things which irritate, annoy and cause aesthetic disjunction. Hence, my reputation for complaining. No doubt I am good at complaining, and, in view of this talent, it would be churlish to hide […]

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Here we have one of a number of animated videos on youtube, words and voice by Zizek. I can find very little to disagree with him about in this clip. That may say more about me than him – but it’s good to have it aired in public…

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…UNLESS ..someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better. It’s not.

By Don Marquis, from “archy does his part,”  1935. dear boss i was talking with an ant the other day and he handed me a lot of gossip which ants the world around are chewing over among themselves i pass it on to you in the hope that you may relay it to other human […]